Frequently Asked Questions

Information about our services, delivery & refund.
We are accepting all credit cards payment, we are using Stripe as a payment processor
2Delivery time
Each of the services has noted delivery time in the description which we respect.
3What info I need to send to order?
To order our services, you will have to provide us with the social media account for which you purchased the service. There will be a field in chart in checkout in which you will need to past/write it. If you have made a mistake and want to change something just e-mail us on
4What if I did not get full service/refund?
This will never happen as we monitor and double check we deliver everything before we send you confirmation e-mail to notify you we have 100% of service is delivered. If we are unable to deliver the service in full, we will refund the funds.
5Are these followers/views real active people?
We cannot promise all followers/subscribers/views will be the real people.
6Does service last forever?
Most of our services are forever, but we cannot guarantee the number won't drop after some time.